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Math Building Blocks: Chapter 1
Prime Factorizations

1-1     Solve the Grid! (downloadable pdf)

Task: Figure out what the grid of colored blocks is all about. Extend it to complete a 10-by-10 grid.
Learning goals: Analyze patterns and make predictions. Go beyond procedures to understand prime factorizations as a concept.



1-2     A "Think Backwards" Puzzle (downloadable pdf)

Task: Create 20 consecutive integers by filling in the correct numbers.
Learning Goals: Reason about factors and multiples in order to solve a challenging puzzle.



1-3     Multiplication Magic Squares (1) (downloadable pdf)

Task: Explain how to turn an addition magic square into a multiplication magic square.
Learning Goals: Reason about exponents and connections between addition and multiplication.



1-4     Multiplication Magic Squares (2) (downloadable pdf)

Task: Create multiplication magic squares using numbers with distinct prime factors.
Learning Goals: Recognize and extend patterns related to multiplication, division, and exponents.


1-5     Factor Trees (downloadable pdf)

Task: Translate the block diagrams to numbers. Connect the result to a familiar procedure.
Learning Goals: Use Math Building Blocks to visualize multiple factor trees for a number.

Table of Contents     Intro     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8      9     10     11     More Resources